Staffing Services

Our Outsourcing and Staffing Services

Are a modern and practical option to delegate functions which,

particularly to the Human Capital Professionals, may distract them from a direct an active participation in the company’s results. In such way, you may be able to focus in a more strategic Human Resources Management, leaving all the operational burden in the hands of experts.


Through our Outsourcing services, EXCELENCIA hires the personnel previously selected by you, and through our own payroll and without labour risk nor administrative burden, your company can expand its human resources without increasing its workforce.


This may be for permanent contracts or to cover temporary positions, be it to cover a disability, or for a specific project, or during periods requiring more personnel. Our services cover positions in any type of activity or industry and at all levels in the organization.

We will be more than pleased to evaluate your requirements and provide a viable and useful option in your Human Capital requirements